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Sensei Yoshi Jim Haynes

Yoshi Jim Haynes (3rd Degree Blacksash, Konigun Ninjutsu), has over 21 years martial arts training and experience in a variety of styles, including:


Tae Kwon Do Chung Do Kwon – 9 Years

Instructor: Bobby Kucera 6th Dan

Silverhill, Alabama, USA


Konigun Ninjutsu – 8 years


Shidoshi Bryce Dallas

Meijin Jay Green

Taibushi Anthony Olberding

Cookeville, Tennessee, USA


Tae Sei Kan Karate – 2 Years

Instructor: Kancho Ishibashi

Fukuoka, Japan


Aikido & Brazillian Jujitsu – 6 Months

Starkesville, Mississippi, USA


Penjak Silat Tepak Suci – 1 Year

Medan, Indonesia


Maharlakin Kun Tao – 1 Year

Aaron Smith, First Grade Black

Lena, Illinois, USA


Please note that though Yoshi Haynes has had a great deal of experience in a number of styles the only style being taught at Konigun Ninjutsu training camps will be Konigun Ninjutsu.

Konigun Ninjutsu China is proud to have founded the International Martial Arts Academy, Quanzhou, China, featuring such classic martial arts in their pure form as Konigun Ninjutsu, Southern Shaolin Kung Fu, etc. Proceeds from our courses go toward lobbying for UNESCO recognition of the martial arts.
Finance your ninjutsu training in China by teaching English. For more information about certifying to teach English abroad with guaranteed job placement click here. If you sign up for a one month training camp the TESOL certification and guaranteed job placement are FREE!
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