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Keep checking here for the latest Konigun Ninjutsu China news and updates.
We are now moving to Yangshuo, Guangxi, China. Please see our homepage for more details.

We have just recently visited the South Shaolin Temple in Quanzhou, Fujian, China. For the complete story on this historic meeting with the Shaolin Monks click here.

In April 2008 we had several outings in Fujian, including a visit to the Sister-In Law Pagoda in ShiShi and a visit to the Meizhou Sea Goddess Temple with the Putian Shaolin Monks. Photos from these events will be posted soon.

Konigun Ninjutsu China is proud to have founded the International Martial Arts Academy, Quanzhou, China, featuring such classic martial arts in their pure form as Konigun Ninjutsu, Southern Shaolin Kung Fu, etc. Proceeds from our courses go toward lobbying for UNESCO recognition of the martial arts.
Finance your ninjutsu training in China by teaching English. For more information about certifying to teach English abroad with guaranteed job placement click here. If you sign up for a one month training camp the TESOL certification and guaranteed job placement are FREE!
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