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Though Ninjutsu itself originated in Japan many of its techniques trace back to Ancient China. As many of the techniques were passed down in secret historical evidence is often sketchy (try finding records of classified US military operations in history books). It is painfully obvious that much of  Ninjutsu, by the very virtue of its clandestine nature, would be shrouded in obscurity and lack of records/evidence.
There are many items, however, pointing to the link between Ninjutsu and China.
Konigun ninjutsu itself was adapted by Saija from his training by the Yamabushi priests some 800 years ago. It is fairly widely accepted that the Yamabushi derived many of their techniques from Chinese refugees subsequent to the fall of the T'sang Dynasty.

It has also been suggested that a Chinese warrior by the name of Chang Busho founded the Koto Ryu Koppojutsu clan of Ninjutsu. One need only look at his name to recognize the connection between him & Bushido, the code of the warrior that governs the conduct of all ninja.  

Many of the weapons of ninjutsu are also of Chinese origin. I will shortly be writing an article on the influence of Chinese weaponry on Ninjutsu, especially Konigun.
Moreover, Kyushu was the route through which many exiled & fleeing Shaolin monks passed seeking refuge in Japan, as well as many Ming dynasty rebels and Fujianese from Taiwan.

Some scholars also cite the Lin Kuei (Forest Ghosts- sometimes spelled Lin Gui, Lin Quai, or Lin Kwai) as forerunners to the Ninja. These early shadow warriors were primarily assassins. While historical evidence of the Lin Kuei is vague, the connection is still probably a reasonable supposition.

Konigun Ninjutsu China is proud to have founded the International Martial Arts Academy, Quanzhou, China, featuring such classic martial arts in their pure form as Konigun Ninjutsu, Southern Shaolin Kung Fu, etc. Proceeds from our courses go toward lobbying for UNESCO recognition of the martial arts.
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