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Konigun Ninjutsu China

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All ninjutsu training participants are advised to obtain medical clearance from their physician prior to engaging in the activities at the Konigun Ninjutsu Training camp. This is the responsibility of each individual candidates and neither the camp administrators nor Konigun Ninjutsu shall be held liable for the failure of any candidate to obtain the proper medical examination and clearance.
There is an assumed risk of injury associated with any martial arts training, though every effort is taken by trained professionals to keep this possibility to an absolute minimum. It is understood that all participants in waive all claims of physical, emotional, and financial injury, as well as any loss or damage of property, and that the camp administrators and Konigun Ninjutsu will not be held liable for any of the aforementioned.
Minors under the age of 18 will not be admitted without a signed letter of consent from a parent or guardian.
The term "Konigun Ninjutsu", as well as the Konigun Ninjutsu Seal and training techniques are the copyrighted intellectual property of Konigun Ninjutsu and are not to be replicated, used, published, taught or distributed without the express written consent of Konigun Ninjutsu.

Konigun Ninjutsu China is proud to have founded the International Martial Arts Academy, Quanzhou, China, featuring such classic martial arts in their pure form as Konigun Ninjutsu, Southern Shaolin Kung Fu, etc. Proceeds from our courses go toward lobbying for UNESCO recognition of the martial arts.
Finance your ninjutsu training in China by teaching English. For more information about certifying to teach English abroad with guaranteed job placement click here. If you sign up for a one month training camp the TESOL certification and guaranteed job placement are FREE!
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