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Konigun Ninjutsu Indonesia

Weekend (Saturday/Sunday) Ninja/ Konigun Ninjutsu Training Camps

Situs Konigun Ninjutsu Dalam Bahasa Indonesia
Weekend (Saturday/Sunday) Camps
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For those who have busy schedules and not much time off we offer intensive, Saturday and Sunday, 24 hour Konigun Ninjutsu training camps for $149.99, inclusive of the same benefits as the longer training camps.
When registering,  be certain to tell us which weekend (dates) you plan to attend the camp, at least one week in advance, so we can reserve your place.  Your card will not be charged unless there is a vacancy and you are accepted into the camp.

Finance your ninjutsu training in Indonesia by teaching English. For information on how to qualify quickly and affordably click here
Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta and North Sumatra, Indonesia
+62 8811819939