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Konigun Ninjutsu Indonesia

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Welcome to the Indonesian Konigun Ninjutsu training & ninja camps homepage.
Konigun Ninjutsu Indonesia is located in Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta, Indonesia. We also have a group in Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia. 
 Weekly meetings are free (days, times and venues to be announced shortly)
Week long training camps are $299.99 per person, inclusive of accommodation, meals, uniforms, instructor fees, weapons, rank testing, etc.

Upon enrolling in a camp, please email us at and inform us of the exact dates you wish to attend. Your card will not be charged until a vacancy on the date you have selected is confirmed and you are accepted into the camp.


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Ninja training camps will be conducted and overseen by Sensei Mr. Jim Haynes, a 3rd degree Black Sash in the Konigun Ninjutsu Discipline.
Ninjutsu training camps will include accommodation, transportation from the Medan, Indonesia airport to the training site, ranking and testing, uniforms, a weapon of your choice and proficiency training in that weapon.
Konigun Ninjutsu is one of the most authentic and comprehensive ninja arts alive today. Rooting back 800 years and once top secret, its techniques have now been made generously available to the public.
For more information on the camps, or to enroll, please contact us at .


Finance your ninjutsu training in Indonesia by teaching English. For information on how to qualify quickly and affordably click here
Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta and North Sumatra, Indonesia
+62 8811819939