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Konigun Ninjutsu Indonesia

Why Join a Ninjutsu (Ninja) Training Camp?

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Why join a Ninjutsu Training Camp?
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A 1 week intensive ninjutsu training camp provides training and proficiency equivalent to roughly 6 months of martial arts training. In 1 week, at 15 hours per day, you have the opportunity to train for 105 hours. Training 2 hours a day twice a week it would take you about six months to accumulate the same number of ninja training hours and level of proficiency.

Ninjutsu, especially Konigun Ninjutsu, is also more effecitive and diverse than other martial arts. This offers distinct advantages over other martial arts disciplines.
Firstly, in traditional martial arts, it takes you until the upper belts to learn techniques that are truly effective, whereas in Konigun Ninjutsu you will begin learning techniques that will truly neutralize an assailant in a real - life situation right away.
Moreover, we teach not only self defense in its most effective form, but also vital skills such as survival, escape and evasion, stealth, infiltration, exfiltration, etc.

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Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta and North Sumatra, Indonesia
+62 8811819939